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The impact of Brexit on court decisions

The Brussels 1 bis Regulation, which entered into force in January 2015, facilitated the free movement of court decisions in civil and commercial matters, abolishing in particular exequatur procedures.   Due to Brexit, the European regulatory framework no longer...

BREXIT – OVERALL IMPACT A Portuguese Perspective

On February, 1st of 2020, the United Kingdom formally abandoned the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom), having reached an agreement with the European institutions regarding the exiting terms. The official Exiting Agreement was published...

German Covid-19 Measures in Insolvency Law and Their Cross-Border Relevance

On 27 March 2020 measures concerning insolvency law (and other topics not dealt with in this paper) were approved by the Federal Council (where the state governments are represented) and enacted the same day by the Federal President. These changes came into force...


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