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Competition law in Bulgaria. Legal Framework and General Principles

This material aims to inform the recipients about the latest legal developments in the Bulgarian Competition Law sector. It does not constitute legal advice or a legal opinion...

Ajouté(e) le 27/10/2014 by NINOV & ALEXANDROVA LAW FIRM
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EU: Jurisdiction in cross-border e-commerce with consumers (2nd up-date): your website may become a night-mare

The ECJ had decided on 7 December 2010 two cases concerning the jurisdiction in cross-border e-commerce with consumers and later decided on some remaining details...

Ajouté(e) le 17/09/2014 by DR. ULRICH MÜNZER
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Report on the Law Decree No. 132 of September 12, 2014

Report entered into force on September 13, 2014 issued by the Italian Government to introduce modifications in the Italian Civil procedure to reduce the duration of civil cases.

Ajouté(e) le 16/09/2014 by STUDIO LEGALE VALOBRA-CHERCHI
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The Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters

The submitted document shall provide the Members of Libralex E.E.I.G. a general overview of The Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matter.

Ajouté(e) le 15/06/2014 by HSP & PARTNERS ADVOKÁTNÍ KANCELÁŘ V.O.S.
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Class actions in Europe and the United States

The publication contains a collection of articles describing the current state of the law in Europe and in the United States.

Ajouté(e) le 28/03/2014
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Islamic Finance and the UK

This note sets out to describe some of the ways in which the United Kingdom government has tried to make London a more attractive financial centre for Islamic money.

Ajouté(e) le 28/01/2014 by LAYTONS LLP
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