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Libralex EEIG is a network of law firms located in major international business centres.
Libralex EEIG was founded by a group of independent lawyers to work together to respond to the needs of their clients in matters of international trade, investment and dispute resolution.


Since its creation in 1992, Libralex law firms have sought to provide common standards of quality of law firms, availability and technical expertise. Common standards are cultivated through strong personal relationships among the members of the network, fostered by:

  •   a continuing exchange of information on significant developments in the national laws   applicable in each country where a Libralex Iaw firm is located;
  •   regular meetings which provide the opportunity to explore common initiatives
      to support clients' international legal requirements.

Libralex law firms provide commercially minded legal representation to clients including international businesses, public authorities and private individuals, and offer clients the advantage of immediate access to cross-border, strategic and legal advice from law firms across the network.

Clients of Libralex law firms benefit from local representation with international reach.

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