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Alternative Dispute Resolution. A brief International guide

Wondering where to mediate or arbitrate an international dispute? Help is at hand with this International Guide on current practice in many jurisdictions of Europe and beyond.

Ajouté(e) le 31/03/2016
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You or your client invited to mediate? The price of burying your head in the sand

Received an invitation to mediate? What is the cost of burying your head in the sand?

Ajouté(e) le 24/02/2016 by ATTREE & CO
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Article APJ/PJA 6/2015 - Prétentions civiles à la suite d’une condamnation pénale

Ajouté(e) le 29/07/2015 by KÖSTENBAUM & ASSOCIÉS
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Private Antitrust Damages Directive 2014

The Directive is designed to ensure that ‘anyone who has suffered harm caused by an infringement of competition law can effectively exercise the right to claim full compensation’.

Ajouté(e) le 02/07/2015 by LAYTONS LLP
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International Investment Agreements

Their use and application by FDI Investors and issues for States.

Ajouté(e) le 28/06/2015 by LAYTONS LLP
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EU: What is new in the recast Brussels I regulation on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement in Civil and Commercial Matters (1st up-date)

Ajouté(e) le 03/03/2015 by DR. ULRICH MÜNZER
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